Ask the Expert: The latest in NoSQL data and Redis on Azure

As a developer, you need solutions with global scale, unconstrained throughput, and split-second latency. Azure Cache for Redis and Azure Cosmos DB offer these capabilities and more—making them go-to choices for cloud application development. Explore the new features that make each service even more effective for developers, including active geo-replication in Azure Cache for Redis and MongoDB 4.0 API compatibility in Azure Cosmos DB. Check out the Ignite OnDemand Session to continue learning.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:38 - How do you upgrade to version 4.0?
  • 02:30 - How is this different from the geo-replication features on Azure Cache for Redis?
  • 04:47 - What are the best practices for implementing multi-document transactions with Cosmos DB?
  • 06:00 - What are the differences between the Premium and Enterprise versions of Azure Cache for Redis?
  • 09:51 - What are some killer applications that can be used with this new API?
  • 11:10 - What are some of the key uses expected from Redis modules?
  • 14:37 - What is Serverless? How can you deploy it? Does MongoDB API 4.0 also support it?
  • 16:37 - Does the Enterprise tier include Redis 6.0? What features does that add?
  • 18:49 - How does the performance of the Enterprise Flash tiers pair with the performance of the Enterprise tier?
  • 20:54 - What are your plans to support future versions of MongoDB?
  • 22:37 - Where and how do you see people using active geo-replication with Azure Cache for Redis?
  • 24:28 - Where do you see customers being successful with active geo-replication? Do you see any integration with active geo-replication and MongoDB API?
  • 25:31 - Any information on support for older versions of MongoDB (e.g. 3.6)?
  • 26:31 - Closing Notes