An Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework Manage Methodology

with Thomas Mauer, Wayne Meyer

Do you have questions about how to get your cloud environment ready? Join Wayne Meyer and Thomas Mauer for a discussion of the Manage methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. You’ll learn about Azure Landing Zones, how the Cloud Adoption and Well-Architected Frameworks align, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios, and how to organize your business and technical teams.

0:00 Introduction

00:26 Quick overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

01:34 How can companies prepare their cloud environment ready?

02:40 How should companies manage their environments?

04:08 How do the Manage methodology and the Well-Architected Framework align?

05:54 How does the Cloud Adoption Framework help companies with hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios?

07:12 How should companies think about strategy and management?

09:00 What roles and functions are needed to manage cloud environments?

11:42 Where can people go to learn more about the topics we’ve covered?

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