An introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework Ready methodology

with Thomas Maurer, Dom Allen

Successful cloud adoption is built on the strong foundations of the Cloud Adoption Framework Ready methodology. In this episode, Thomas Maurer and Dom Allen discuss how the Ready methodology can help you on your cloud journey.

00:00 Introduction

00:30 How does the Ready methodology fit within the Cloud Adoption Framework

01:02 How do the Ready methodology and Azure Landing Zones help customers?

01:25 What are some of the features of Azure Landing Zones?

02:10 How do Azure Landing Zones address the challenges that customers face in building cloud architectures?

02:56 How does Ready assist customers who are at different points of their cloud journey?

04:20 How are customers using the Ready methodology to be successful?

05:10 Is there guidance for organizations that are using hybrid or multicloud environments?

05:50 Where should customers go next?

06:50 What additional resources are available for the Ready methodology and Azure Landing Zones?

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