Armchair Architects: Architecting on the Edge

with David Blank-Edelman, Eric Charran, Uli Homann

How do Uli Homann and Eric Charran—our #ArmchairArchitects—think about Edge computing, and take into consideration factors such as human interaction, safety, high availability, and robustness? Find out in this episode of the #AzureEnablementShow.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:54 - The edge is an on-prem compute environment that exists to process data coming from a variety of connected devices
  • 01:43 - The edge refers to the edge of the Cloud. The point at which data can be transferred to and from an Azure region to a physical location, a data center, a factory, or even an airplane
  • 03:42 - Azure Stack Edge, Azure Stack Hub, or Azure Arc can be used to extend the certain Azure capabilities
  • 04:51 - Three use cases as why edge computing is important
  • 06:05 - Architects need to think about constrained environments
  • 07:06 - ISA-95 architecture and the IoT nested edge
  • 09:37 - How do architects think about capacity and management in an edge environment?
  • 10:52 - The architect must also consider sizing, availability, reliability, safety, mission criticality