Armchair Architects: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures - Observability

In this episode of the Armchair Architect series of the Azure Enablement Show, David Blank-Edelman is joined by Uli Homann, Microsoft Corporative Vice President and Distinguished Architect, and Eric Charran, Chief Architect at Microsoft in a deep-dive conversation into observability of hybrid and multi-cloud applications.


[00:00] Introduction
[01:22] From an architectural perspective, what do we need to do to build and run resilient, self-healing applications?
[04:22] Is monitoring from within the app itself an anti-pattern? Should sidecar patterns be used instead?
[06:21] What's the best method for Observability? Push or Pull?
[09:16] Can you use AI to monitor logs and report anomalies?
[10:19] Azure uses ML to predict host failure, then proactively removes VMs and takes the host out of the cluster
[12:15] Apps and microservices create so many logs; how can you tie them all together to track and understand an event?

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