Armchair Architects: So, you want to be an Architect?

with David Blank-Edelman

Are architects made or grown? Do you cross some sort of threshold and become an architect officially? Do you have to be recognized by others to bear the title? Maybe you are one already? What are some characteristics of a good architect? In this episode of the #AzureEnablementShow, David asks these questions and more with our #ArmchairArchitects, Uli and Eric.

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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:52 - How do you know when you’re thinking like an architect?
  • 03:06 - How much does having architect in your title matter?
  • 04:18 - What are architecture in the small and architecture in the large?
  • 06:56 - How can you tell a good architect from a less-good architect?
  • 09:49 - What questions do good architects ask first?
  • 13:10 - How do architects display empathy?