How to implement hybrid & multicloud approach using Cloud Adoption Framework

Pratibha Sood joins Sarah Lean to discuss the new hybrid and multicloud content available in the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. This includes guidance for defining your strategy and plan, configuring your cloud environments and enabling 'unified operations' to provide visibility and control of resources distributed across on-prem, multiple clouds or edge platform.

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[00:49] Define the hybrid and multicloud journey, and why companies are headed there.
[03:42] What challenges are there in distributing resources to other providers, given everything lived on-prem before?
[05:34] Can you explain to us what the term "unified operations" means?
[07:07] Does the Cloud Adoption Framework support the hybrid and multicloud approach?
[08:19] What business decisions should you think consider with a hybrid and multicloud strategy?
[10:55] What different components should you think about when deploying a hybrid cloud environment?
[13:35] What do governance and management look like in a hybrid and multicloud strategy?
[14:32] Where can customers find best practices guidance beyond the Cloud Adoption Framework?

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