Architecting multitenant solutions on Azure

with Scott Hanselman, John Downs

John Downs joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how to design, architect, and build multitenant solutions on Azure. If you're building a SaaS product or another multitenant service, there's a lot to consider when you want to ensure high performance, tenant isolation, and managing deployments. We'll walk through some example SaaS architectures and see how Microsoft provides guidance to help you to build a multitenant solution on top of Azure.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:23 - Multitenancy in the cloud
  • 06:28 - Multitenancy guidance
  • 07:00 - Design considerations
  • 16:09 - Architectural approaches
  • 18:07 - Service-specific guidance
  • 20:28 - Wrap-up