Enable advanced IoT Edge scenarios with ACR connected registry

Toddy Mladenov and Jeanine Burke join Scott Hanselman to talk about the new IoT Edge scenarios enabled by ACR connected registry, which is an on-premises extension of the Azure Container Registry. See how you can deploy hierarchical IoT Edge infrastructure, pull container images from the connected registry without direct internet access, and use the connected registry in disconnected scenarios.

[0:00:00]– Introduction
[0:00:37]– Conceptual overview
[0:06:25]– Demo setup
[0:10:07]– Demo: Create a connected registry
[0:13:24]– Demo: Deploy and use a connected registry (parent and child)
[0:31:47]– Demo: Offline connection
[0:33:28]– Demo: Connected registry synchronization
[0:37:55]– Wrap-up