Enabling secure remote work using Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in Azure to enable secure remote work. Christiaan Brinkhoff joins Scott Hanselman to show how WVD is different from other desktop virtualization technologies, as well as how easy it is to implement and maintain. Deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes and get built-in security and compliance features.

[0:00:00]- Introduction
[0:00:25]- Episode start
[0:01:07]- WVD architecture
[0:03:40]- Deploying WVD in the Azure portal
[0:07:30]- Managing host pools and sessions
[0:10:17]- Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor
[0:12:10]- Connecting to virtual desktops and apps
[0:14:42]- Centralized storage for profiles and files
[0:17:00]- High-performance virtual desktops
[0:19:00]- Using Teams in WVD
[0:21:13]- Virtual applications (MSIX app attach)
[0:23:21]- Feature roadmap & episode wrap-up