Introducing the next generation of Azure Stack HCI

Scott Hanselman sits down with Cosmos Darwin to learn about Azure Stack HCI, which is a new host operating system for hyperconverged infrastructure. Delivered as an Azure service, Azure Stack HCI provides the latest and up to date security, performance, and feature updates. To illustrate the flexibility of Azure Stack HCI, Cosmos also shows his "cluster in a wooden box" - a self-contained, battery-powered datacenter built into a custom-made wooden briefcase.

[0:00:00]- Introduction
[0:00:28]- Episode start
[0:02:37]- Unpacking Azure Stack HCI
[0:05:13]- Demo: Azure Stack HCI in the Azure portal
[0:08:35]- Demo: Seamlessly replicate VMs to Azure
[0:10:18]- A cluster in a wooden box
[0:12:32]- Azure Stack HCI use cases, hardware, and cost
[0:14:40]- Episode wrap-up