Azure Stack HCI Comprehensive Demo

Comprehensive 75-minute demo video showcasing how Azure Stack HCI is differentiated from other HCI products in market. Azure Stack HCI is cloud services delivered on-premises with ongoing cloud value. This video covers the following topics:  

  • Azure Stack HCI as an Azure Service with portal integration, fleet management, Azure Monitor Integration, and Azure Stack HCI Insights
  • Azure Support and VM Self Service
  • Azure Stack HCI use cases with customers and how Windows Admin Center has been integrated into Azure Portal 
  • Mission Critical Datacenter Modernization with SQL scaling tests
  • ESUs for Azure Stack HCI
  • AKS on HCI demos: AKS Setup, Kube Cluster Setup and Azure Policy integration with AKS on Azure Stack HCI
  • High level Azure Stack HCI arch and  AKS on HCI delivering Azure services on premises
  • Azure Stack HCI industry leading security and unique Azure host innovation

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