GoingNative 0: Help us fly this plane, Some modern C++, Meet Ale Contenti

Welcome to GoingNative!

GoingNative is a new show on C9 dedicated to native development and native developers, with an emphasis on modern C++. In our inaugural episode, we keep things light and easy as we introduce you to what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how it will go down. The most important thing to realize right off the bat is that we want you to join us in the cockpit and help us fly this plane.

The main goal of episode 0 is to introduce the cast of characters, including your hosts Charles and Diego, and to present some ideas of how we think this show will be organized and executed. For example, Diego Dagum and I will typically construct the show, iterate through some code demos of varying complexity, converse with native developers from Microsoft and across the industry, and then destruct the show. We're not sure if we should add a news component—you tell us. We're not sure how much rambling you want hear from me and Diego—you tell us. And we're not sure how advanced we should make the programming section—you tell us (do we provide both intro and advanced topics?).

Now, of course this first episode isn't just a "Hey, we have a new show. Yay! Tell us what you want for next time" type of affair! We do talk about and demo a few new C++ features (shared_ptr, lambdas, auto) and have a conversation with Ale Contenti - development manager of VC's front-end compiler, libraries, and IDE.

You can play around with the demos in this episode by downloading the free VC++ Express IDE

Table of Contents (click time code links to navigate player accordingly)

[00:09] Charles and Diego construct the show and talk about modern C++ (how 'bout that set, eh?)
[07:27] Diego demos shared_ptr (Please see STL's incredible C9 lecture on shared_ptr for much more details)
[10:01] Charles and Diego chat briefly about C++ lambdas
[10:32] Diego demos lambdas
[12:13] Charles and Diego chat briefly about C++ auto keyword (seen in the lambdas demo)
[13:30] Charles and Diego talk about the audience and how you can help us fly this plane
[15:32] Charles interviews Ale Contenti
[26:35] Charles and Diego destruct the show (it won't usually take this long!)

We really want to hear from you, so please tweet feedback to @C9GoingNative (follow us!) and send your requests, ideas, complaints, praises, hate mail, and love letters to C9GoingNative@hotmail.com. We will read and respond to all messages! That's how we roll, brothers and sisters. If you are a Facebook user (who isn't these days?), then please join our C9::GoingNative Facebook group.

Go native!