GoingNative 32: Sneak Preview of C++17

We barely missed our November "deadline" but the potentially sensitive information in today's episode needed approval from the Sutter himself...

...and we got it! Join us with ISO Committee member (and Microsoft as well, of course =P) Gabriel Dos Reis, who graciously took the time to give us the inside scoop of some things that made it into C++17, as well as things that got taken out. All this is fresh off the press of the most recent C++ Standards Meeting!

Video Topics
[01:23] - GDR introduces himself

New Features:
[03:16] - Generalized constant expressions in template arguments [07:09] - Nested Namespaces

Removed Features:
[07:58] - Trigraphs [10:21] - Some relics from C++98 (auto_ptr)

New/Modified Libraries:
[12:04] - Fundamentals (string_view, array_view)
[15:51] - Transactional Memory
[16:25] - Parallelism/Concurrency

[17:04] - Uniform Initialization

[19:00] - What's Next for the Standards Committee

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