C9 Lectures: Dr. Graham Hutton - Functional Programming Fundamentals Chapter 11 of 13

Yes. You read the title correctly! For today's lecture in the Functional Programming Fundamentals series of lectures the great Dr. Graham Hutton, author of the Programming in Haskell book that Dr. Erik Meijer has based this lecture series on, is guest lecturing Chapter 11 - The Countdown Problem! Thank you, Graham! What an honor and a treat to have you on Channel 9, especially in this context.

This lecture was filmed in Dr. Hutton's office at the University of Nottingham. What is the Countdown Problem, exactly? It's a numbers game, based loosely on a very popular television series. The point is that you will need to use, well, functions to solve the Countdown Problem. Of course, it goes without saying that Haskell is very well suited to solve these kinds of problems.

Tune in and learn from a Haskell master. It should be clear that you will want to have had gone through the earlier episodes (if you are beginning with functional programming and Haskell, specifically) to get the most out of this lecture. That said, it's quite amazing to learn directly from the author himself. What a nice surprise!


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