CodeChat 010 - Cameron Lerum and Jan Nelson (Multilingual App Toolkit)

Don't hang up!

When developers hear the word localization, they tend to tune out. It's true that the topic of localization on its own is a bit drab, but that's exactly why the Multilingual App Toolkit (MAT) was invented.

If you are interested in extending your app's reach with minimal effort, try this tool for effectively doing a right click | add French. It's very easy and very cool.

[01:24] Introductions
[01:50] What problem does MAT solve?
[02:47] Why should I enable other languages?
[04:42] Tell us how the tools works then
[06:40] The XLF file
[07:36] What the heck is pseudolocalization?
[09:50] What platforms does it work on?
[10:54] Generating machine translations
[15:23] Can I rely on machine translation?
[16:34] Exporting resources for translation
[18:43] Translation workflows
[22:47] Translate for discoverability