CodeChat 011 - Bret Stateham (Internet of Things)

We've ventured outside of the studio for CodeChat again. This time we're in sunny Colorado on the lawn outside our hotel.

You don't want to miss Bret Stateham talk about the IoT devices he's playing with. Bret shows off a few Arduinos, a Galileo, a Teensy, a Bluetooth car, and more. And he let's us know how to get started with this whole, fun world too.

[01:05] Gadgets and IoT
[02:37] What's the big deal? We've been doing hardware for years?
[06:15] Abstraction of sensor data
[07:07] Does IoT still involve some pain for developers?
[07:57] Arduino shields
[09:11] Which device do I start with?
[10:45] How static sensitive are these boards?
[12:03] What else do you have here?
[17:39] Various level of code abstractions on the boards
[20:06] Cloud connectivity of IoT devices
[24:14] Monetization opportunity of collecting data
[26:22] Disconnected computers are glorified calculators
[27:16] The smart stapler?
[29:19] How does a developer get started?