CodeChat 014 - Frank Krueger (Xamarin Robotics)

My guest this week on Channel 9, Frank Krueger, isn't just using the Xamarin Robotics library for controlling his little homemade robot, he's writing it! Just days off of an ascent of Kilimanjaro, Frank gets back to real life and gives us a formal introduction to this slick little critter and tells all about the hardware and software he used to make it go. It's the same hardware and software that you can use on your own project. Let's go.

[01:16] Introducing the robot!
[02:05] Hardware overview
[02:12] Do you know anything about a Netduino?
[03:21] Sensors
[04:25] Is this the Internet of Things?
[05:43] Just got off Kilimanjaro
[09:13] How about the software?
[09:39] More about the Xamarin Robotics library
[11:53] What do you use for your reactive stuff?
[13:52] Xamarin Robotics is a block-based data flow library
[19:13] What are the generators used for?
[20:11] The problem with imperative
[22:39] This is a cross-platform library, right?
[28:03] Have you gotten into using 3D printers for parts?