CodeChat 020 - Stefan Negritoiu (FreeBusy.io)

Stefan joins me on CodeChat this time. He and his team have a Startup called BizLogr and have a well-established service - MileLogr - that helps business types track their expenses without a lot of work and hassle. Now they're working on a service that a lot of us are excited about.

It's called FreeBusy and it aggregates your various personal and business calendars and makes your net availability easily accessible to folks you collaborate with. So the "when are you free" dance just got a lot smoother!


SPECIAL NOTE: I'm going to be taking a long holiday break from CodeChat to spend time with family. My wife and I are expecting our second son really soon now. The CodeChat engine will fire back up on Monday, February 2. See you then.

[00:15] Tell us about yourself and about FreeBusy.io
[02:34] Provider-independent free and busy information for anyone
[03:12] How is adoption going so far?
[03:29] Combination of multiple calendars
[04:51] Can I add an iCal calendar?
[05:22] Let's sign me up!
[07:15] Am I giving you my actual email password here?
[09:44] The value of 3rd party authentication
[18:07] Let's take a look at the API
[21:37] How would a developer give feedback to your team?
[29:34] Is the calendar view interactive so I can choose meeting times?
[31:15] Anything else before we wrap?
[31:26] Milelogr

[00:40] bizlogr.com
[03:25] hanselman.com
[10:19] oauth.net
[11:11] aka.ms/o365api
[14:22] asp.net/signalr
[21:48] stefan@bizlogr.com
[31:45] milelogr.com