CodeChat 027 - Solo, Female Founder Dorin Rosenshine of Outleads

After a short hiatus, CodeChat is back with a fun, outdoor conversation in sunny Seattle with Dorin Rosenshine of startup Outleads.

Dorin is a female, solo founder with an awesome startup idea and a lot of traction already. Her company, Outleads, helps companies better track real consumer interests to make online advertisements dramatically more relevant. The net effect is a big win for companies that see click-through rates that are something like 10 times higher than normal online ads, and a huge win for consumers that have to spend less time looking at ads for things they are not the least bit interested in.

[01:51] Introduction to Outleads
[04:29] Does this make advertising more or less annoying?
[05:05] Relevent advertising has much higher click through
[07:39] Should developers jump into a startup like you have?
[08:27] How does being a female affect your efforts to bootstrap a startup as a solo founder?
[10:06] Daily courage
[11:27] Are you ready to grow? Are you hiring?
[12:05] How do the tech scenes compare on the east and west coast of the US?

[00:34] Microsoft Ventures - microsoftventures.com
[11:53] outleads.com