CodeChat 030 - Everett Carney on Being a Tech Startup Developer

Everett is a relatively new developer on a team called Slope.

Slope (goslope.com) has been in business for some time shooting, editing, and publishing media, and realized the pains involved in collaborating on such massive files. So they are working on a platform to ease their pain - and yours if you work on media with other people.

In this chat, Everett talks about choosing to work at a startup instead of a larger, more established organization. He also takes this opportunity on a technical broadcast to talk about some code.

You'll hear why Everett and team chose React for their frontend framework and Node.js for their backend. We do not, unfortunately, take the time in this episode to get into it, but Slope is also using Azure Media Services for media storage, management, and streaming. Overall, they have a good, modern stack.