CodeChat 034 - Dan Marshall Made Awesome Maker.js

Dan Marshall set out to create a library for programmatically creating modular, 2-dimensional line drawings for drawing in 2D. He set out and he succeeded if you ask me.

If you're a JavaScript developer, the number of applications for your coding skills is growing all the time. I love the ubiquity of the language and talking about writing JavaScript not only on clients, but on servers, on devices, in cars, on drones, or pretty much wherever.

So, now, you can use your JS coding skills to draw pictures. We're talking exact diagrams that are defined programmatically and described by vectors. The result is an .svg or .dxf file that you can very easily send to a laser cutter, CNC router, or even to D3 if that makes you happy.

You should definitely check out this episode of CodeChat and let Dan tell you how to get started.

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