CodeChat 060 - Toradex Makes a Cool, Little Windows 10 IoT Board

Daniel Lang from Toradex (@toradex) joins me as we take a break from all of the software talk to chat about something that is sometimes more exciting - hardware.

Toradex makes devices. The Colibri which he shows off here is an ARM-based module that's fully capable of running Windows 10 IoT Core. This welcomes it in to the existing suite of supported boards such as the Raspberry Pi, Dragonboard, and Minnowboard Max.

One of the things that differentiates the Colibri is the fact that it's a tiny compute module plus a carrier board for developer convenience. This features reminds me of the Intel Edison, which works the same way.

And there's a starter kit too! For $99, you can get everything you need to dive into the deep end of the Internet of Things.

Developers, go to developer.toradex.com/winiot to get started, and to www.toradex.com/community to help or get help from others. There's a bit more help to in the form of an online webinar available at www.toradex.com/webinars/introduction-to-windows-10-iot-core.

Remember, if you build something, tweet it and include me (@codefoster) so I can enjoy it with you.