CodeChat 063 - Eric Ang from Dolby

I recorded a lot of CodeChat episodes from Build 2016, and this is the last. This means the last time you have to look at the same screaming plaid shirt.

This is a fun one though, because this time I (and my shirt) are talking to Jason Fox of Microsoft and Eric Ang of Dolby about what Dolby is doing for developers - primarily around their Dolby Digital Plus platform for amazing audio. Did you know it already works in the Edge browser? If you're running Edge, check out the Feisty Galaxies demo at http://www.feistygalaxies.com/ to see what I'm talking about.

Not only do we chat with Eric, but Eric escorts Jason to the Dolby Headquarters and we get a little bit of footage from inside where the audio and video experiences are apparently (I wasn't able to join) breathtaking.


Microsoft Edge