Query Store Hints in Azure SQL Database

In this episode of Data Exposed, Joe Sack, Principal Group Program Manager of SQL Server engine and SQL Hybrid, and Anna Hoffman, Data & Applied Scientist, talk about a new way in Azure SQL Database to optimize the performance of queries when you are unable to directly change the original query text. They will cover the new public preview feature Query Store Hints, which leverages queries already captured in Query Store to apply hints that would have originally required modifications to the original query text through the OPTION clause.

[00:32] Introduction
[01:10] What are Query Hints?
[03:10] Applying Query Hints today
[04:26] Introducing Query Store Hints
[05:07] How to use Query Store Hints - Step 1
[05:46] How to use Query Store Hints - Step 2
[06:36] Demo
[12:10] Query Store Hint Scope and Behavior
[14:10] Use-cases for Query Store Hints

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