Azure SQL Bootcamp (LIVE with Bob Ward & Anna Hoffman)

August 17 - 20 [Click here for iCal Invite]

Along with launching new content in August, we're also hosting a LIVE bootcamp over the course of four days where you can learn Azure SQL from Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward and get your questions answered. Each day, there will be a two-hour live session for you to join. After or during the session, there will also be hands-on labs to complete. By the end of the week, you should be comfortable with the Azure SQL fundamentals (or the "meat and potatoes" of Azure SQL).

Monday, August 17: Compare Azure SQL options and how to deploy and configure servers, instances, and databases
Tuesday, August 18: Secure Azure SQL and deliver consistent performance
Wednesday, August 19: Deploy highly available Azure SQL solutions and solve real-world scenarios
Thursday, August 20: Create solutions with Azure SQL and get your questions answered

* Each session will be run live from 9AM-11AM PDT / 12PM-2PM EST / 4PM-6PM GMT

Sessions will be recorded and will be available after the event on our Azure SQL YouTube channel

How to Attend:
On the day of each session, go to the Microsoft Developer page on YouTube or https://aka.ms/azuresqlbootcamplive at 9AM-11AM PDT

Anna Hoffman, Data & Applied Scientist

Bob Ward, Principal Architect

Details on how to ask questions during the live event:

Plan on attending? Let us know by tweeting #AzureSQLBootcamp #LearnAzureSQL @AzureSQL. We'd love to hear about what you are most excited to learn!