Introduction to DevOps

It is a challenge to describe the DevOps culture, but at a high level it involves people, processes, and products (in this order). It requires development, testing, operations, business, and other teams to work together, efficiently, to deliver better and faster results to customers. This session covers the fundamentals of DevOps and helps you understand how they map to DevOps practices and how they can be implemented by a variety of products and tools.

[01:24] Introduction to DevOps and why it exists
[04:30] The three stages - People, Process, Products
[07:10] The business impacts and benefits of DevOps
[11:41] Mapping of DevOps from Culture to Processes to Technologies
[14:10] Common DevOps practices
[15:05] Main Microsoft tools - Azure and Visual Studio Team Services
[20:38] Resources


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