API Security with 42Crunch

Dmitry Sotnikov, Chief Product Officer at 42Crunch and curator of APIsecurity.io joins Abel Wang for a discussion on the transition to cloud and later to cloud-native, container-based and serverless architectures, which has led to explosion of REST APIs. Now application components talk to each other over the network and become targets of remote cyberattacks. In this episode, we will discuss how 42Crunch and Microsoft technologies including Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, and Azure Kubernetes Service can be used to enable end-to-end agile API security from design to runtime protection.

Jump To:

  • [01:25] - What is REST API security
  • [05:25] - 42Crunch technology overview
  • [06:20] - Demo: REST API security testing in VS Code
  • [09:51] - Demo: API security testing in CI/CD pipeline
  • [14:23] - Demo: API protection in Azure Kubernetes Services  

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