Loving Azure Boards with GitHub repos

During this episode we will discuss the different integration points between Azure Boards and GitHub.  We will answer the questions of: Why use Azure Boards for planning and GitHub for code? What are the benefits of using them both together and what is the Azure Boards App in GitHub? What problem does it solve? What are the open source actions for and how to use them?

Jump To:

  • [01:19]  – Scenarios for using Azure Boards and GitHub together
  • [02:32]  – Why should I plan work in Azure Boards vs GitHub Issues?
  • [04:07]  – Three main integration scenarios
  • [06:33]  – Intro to Azure Boards app in GitHub
  • [07:11]  – Intro to actions for Azure Boards integration for GitHub Issues and PR's
  • [08:44]  – Step through demo of GitHub App
  • [11:12] – Demo of actions
  • [16:27] – Call to action

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