On Prem To The Cloud: DevOps-ing Everything As Code (episode 5)

Our customers have been wanting some more basic, getting started material on taking their on prem applications and moving them to the cloud. This video series does just that. Starting with a simple on prem solution, lifting and shifting and slowly evolving the app through it's many stages until it is a 100% cloud native app. Episode 5 discusses using the Infrastructure as Code that Steven created in Episode 4 within an Azure DevOps Pipeline to fully automate everything from standing up the infrastructure to building and deploying the application.
Jump to:
[00:57]  Why would you want to add Infrastructure as Code to a Pipeline?
[01:58]  Demo start
[02:16]  Showing the Infrastructure as Code we are working with
[03:08]  Taking a look at our Azure DevOps Project
[03:32]  Taking a look at the Pipeline
[04:40]  Talking through the azure-pipelines.yml file – variables, stages, tasks
[08:38]  Discussing Azure DevOps Environments – development, staging, production
[09:52]  Watching the live Pipeline run
[10:32]  What it looks like in the Azure Portal
[10:49]  Showing the deployed application working
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