Using your organizational DevTest benefits

A deep dive into understanding how to manage, provision and realize the most value from your enterprise and pay as you go DevTest subscriptions.  We'll look at Azure management groups, the enrollment portal and how to best think about the various stages of developer and pre-production data and compute.

Jump To:

  • [02:11] what is DevTest
  • [02:36] Inner loop development in the context of developing for production
  • [03:43] Understanding pre-production stages in a DevTest process
  • [04:42] Organizational DevTest offers
  • [06:30]  Individual Credits Subscriptions for DevTest vs Organizational DevTest
  • [07:18] Azure pricing calculator
  • [08:30] Understanding Pay-as-You Go and Pay as You Go DevTest for organizations
  • [09:35] Understanding Azure AD directory tenants and Azure subscription associations
  • [10:55] Understanding Forests, Domains, nested hierarchies and Azure
  • [13:00] Translating AD concepts to Azure with RBAC, IAM
  • [14:15] Understanding the Azure enrollment portal
  • [15:30] Creating DevTest accounts in the Azure enrollment portal
  • [16:30] EA DevTest vs Pay as You Go DevTest
  • [18:00] Managing subscription with Azure Management groups
  • [19:00] Managed access to data by resource isolation

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