Zero Downtime Deployments with Azure PaaS

How can I deploy my applications to Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) without having any downtime? How can I automate this, and how can I ensure my customers won't notice changes are happening? In this interview, you can see Damian chat with Marcel de Vries about how to use Azure DevOps Build and Release pipelines to deliver your application to production many times a day while not interrupting your users.

Jump To: 
  • [00:57] - What does PaaS mean
  • [02:00] - Defining Zero Downtime 
  • [03:21] What is involved to get to Zero Downtime 
  • [04:36] Introduction to demo using MVC Music Store on AKS & Windows containers
  • [07:22] Making the change we want to move to production
  • [08:19] The build Pipeline creating the containers
  • [09:15] Azure container registry
  • [10:04] Release Pipeline to AKS
  • [10:54] Explaining the Kubernetes Deployment Description for Zero Downtime Deployment
  • [13:14] Explaining Health Endpoints to guard the deployment
  • [17:35] Kicking off the deployment
  • [18:41] First pods getting updated
  • [20:31] New website visible
  • [20:50] Looking at the telemetry
  • [21:42] Using Feature flags

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