Hello World: Cloud Summit 2021 Preview

Cloud Summit 2021 begins next week on September 13 - 23, 2021 ( https://azuresummit.live ). Kayla Cinnamon, one of the Keynote speakers at this event has invited a few other speakers to join us on Hello World to give an overview of their upcoming talks. Tune in to learn about cloud migration, Custom Vision, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and real-time with Azure CosmosDB and get a sneak peek into Cloud Summit 2021!!
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Welcome & News:
Reach-out to Kayla: @cinnamon_msft
A Software Developer's Cloud Migration Journey [05:58]
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Jonah will tell us about her cloud migration journey in moving old .NET on-premise legacy applications to Azure and share some lessons learned from that cloud journey experience.
- Speaking more about the cloud migration experience at https://azuresummit.live/ 
- Audience can follow me on my website https://www.jonahandersson.tech or socials to follow my Azure journey and community engagement
- Join my Azure meetup group Azure User Group Sweden https://www.meetup.com/azureusergroupsundsvallsverige 
Reach-out to: Jonah Andersson on Twitter @cjkodare, and LinkedIn jonahandersson
Finding Dory using MS Custom Vision API [15:50]
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Dory (Vedant's fish) is lost in the deep ocean. Let's go on a mission to find Dory using object detection in Custom Vision (customvision.ai) by Microsoft cognitive services.
P.s. - Dory, I'm there for you.
- 📖Here's a great place to get started with Azure Custom Vision
Reach-out to: Vedant Bahel on Twitter, Instagram - @Vedant_Bahel
Humans of Microsoft: Abel Wang [26:12]
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Get notified of upcoming fundraiser supporting Girls Who Code
https://www.bonfire.com/dont-accept-the-defaults-abel-wang  Reach-out to: Laurent Bugnion on Twitter @LBugnion
Going real-time using Azure CosmosDB [33:25]
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Olena has a super packed agenda for us: Build your application from small and independent bricks using Azure Functions; Enable real-time functionality with Azure SignalR service; React easily on changes that happens to your data with Cosmos DB ChangeFeed.
- Here you can get familiar with Azure SignalR: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-signalr/signalr-overview 
Reach-out to: Olena Borzenko on Twitter @borzenko_lena
The State of Azure Infrastructure as Code [44:26]
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Learn more about what the current state of play is with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Azure. What tools and languages are currently available and what are the pros and cons of each.
And Sam will also help us to understand how to choose the right tools for us.
- Sam's Cloud summit speaker page: https://azuresummit.live/speaker/sam-cogan 
- Sam's Blog https://samcogan.com 
Reach-out to: Sam Cogan on Twitter @samcogan

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