Where should I put my Data in Azure?

A frequent question asked is: Where goes what or where should I put my data?  With Amy Boyd (@AmyKateNicho), Frank invited different product teams to share what type of data and goes in their service. Let's meet with Synapse Analytics, Cosmo DB, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Explorer product manager. Each one will introduces their tech and share scenarios where their product is particularly efficient. As usual after each presentation there will be period of live Q&A with audience. Bring your questions!

Swimming in your own data lake [04:17]
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Learn more about some Do's and Don'ts with your data lake.
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- Learn more about ADLS Gen2 at Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
- Learn more about Live Data Migrator for Azure 
Azure Data Explorer [16:36]
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What is Azure Data Explorer? Is it the same thing as Kusto or it's different? When should we use it? Learn all about it and more in this segment of Hello World.
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- 📖Learn Module: Analyze query results using KQL
- Tons of video at Youtube
- You prefer reading? Here many blog post from the Azure Data Explorer Blog
Hello Cosmo DB [28:38]
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Explain Cosmos, how is it different than other databases in Azure.
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- Get all the latest news by following the Cosmos DB video channel: YouTube and their blog
24Hz [42:45]
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In an incredibly cool demo, Scott show us a glimpse of a demo for an upcoming event: a robot that balances a "stick" using AI...
- Learn more about Project Bonsai here.
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Synapse Analytics[48:12]
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How Azure Synapse Analytics enables analytics on all your data in Azure.
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- Learn more about Azure Synapse Analytics 
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