Windows SDK

The Windows SDK provides code and tools to aid the development and troubleshooting of applications and systems.

For troubleshooting, it includes the:

The Windows Performance Toolkit is Event Tracing for Windows based. Use Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) to record traces. Use Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) to review traces. WPT is used to troubleshoot performance and logic issues.

The Debugging Tools for Windows can be used to debug a process (User Mode Debugging) or system (Kernel Mode Debugging). There are multiple debugger shells available; WinDbg.exe (GUI) and CDB.exe (Command Line) are popular. The debuggers are used to troubleshoot application and system crashes, hangs, and logic issues. Alternatively, you can install the preview of the WinDbg application - available in the Microsoft Store.

Application Verifier is a dynamic verification tool for user-mode applications. This tool monitors application actions while the application runs, subjects the application to a variety of stresses and tests, and generates a report about potential errors in application execution or design.

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