Azure Sphere and Azure RTOS

with Olivier Bloch

Together, Azure Sphere and Azure RTOS are the ideal solution for developers wanting to quickly build highly secured IoT devices with real-time processing capabilities. Many connected devices require small and fast real-time processing components that Azure RTOS offers. With Azure Sphere, these devices are secured by default and stay secured against evolving security threats. Mike Hall joins to discuss and demo how Azure Sphere handles the most demanding device security requirements, while Azure RTOS handles the most demanding real-time and safety-critical aspects.

Learn more about Real Time application on Azure Sphere: https://aka.ms/AzureSphereRTApps.

For more information on Azure RTOS, visit https://azure.com/rtos.

A combined Azure RTOS + Azure Sphere sample will be available in the next couple of weeks to enable you to get started quickly – please check back soon for more!