Deep Dive: Building IoT Solutions with IoT Central

with Olivier Bloch

Generic ImageNovember 20th - 9am-10am PT (10:30am- depending on amount of questions!)

Deep Dives are interactive live events where we do technical deep dives into a new topic to help developers, architects, or anyone building an IoT solution be able to learn and ask questions live with our engineers from Microsoft! 

Please note if you want to ask questions during the event, please join the youtube live stream linked on this landing page closer to the event. Calendar invite above!

Azure IoT Central, our IoT app platform, reduces the burden and costs associated with developing, managing and maintaining enterprise-grade IoT solutions. With IoT Central you can provision an IoT application in 15 seconds, customize it in an hour and go to production the same day. Azure IoT recently announced a set of breakthrough features to help solution builders accelerate time-to-value. In this deep dive, we will go into how to build with IoT Central with these latest features:

  • IoT Edge support, including management for edge devices and IoT Edge module deployments

In future deep dives we will go through these areas in-depth: 

  • 11 new industry-focused application templates to accelerate solution builders across retail, health care, government and energy
  • API support for extending IoT Central or integrating it with other solutions, including API support for device modeling, provisioning, lifecycle management, operations and data querying

This deep dive is jammed packed with technical demos!


Deep Dives are hosted by Pamela Cortez from the Azure IoT Team.

Special guest

  • Ranga Vadlamudi