Simplify and Automate Azure IoT Edge Devices Deployment in Global Projects

with Olivier Bloch

Learn how ZEDEDA (aka.ms/IoTShow/ZEDEDA) makes it possible to onboard and manage distributed gateway devices, leveraging the Linux Foundation's Project EVE (edge virtualization engine), https://www.lfedge.org/projects/eve/, to create a secure, zero-trust environment across any combination of hardware, applications, or clouds. Simple 1-click deployment of the IoT Edge application will show how to deploy and orchestrate Azure services at the edge and at scale. Once the IoT Edge app is deployed, a wind turbine model will show real-time data flowing into IoT Hub for visualization and analysis.

Learn more about Azure IoT Edge Quick Connect Solution: https://zededa.egnyte.com/dl/EloDqIgPOm