Learn Live - Adding Scenarios to an Azure Health Bot

Join Einat Gruda Idelovitch, Foteini Savvidou and Nihal Dias live on Learn TV in the second of this four-part series on Azure Health Bot. Each week, Microsoft experts will be walking through Learn modules live and answering your questions.

The second week covers the Learn modules Language Understanding in Azure Health Bot, Introduction to Built in scenarios and Health Bot Scenario Templates. In this episode you will:

  • Learn about LUIS and concepts like intents, utterances, and entities in the context of Health Bot.
  • Understand the importance of different language models and how to add them to your Health Bot instance.
  • Learn how to integrate LUIS into your Health Bot instance.
  • Explain what scenarios are.
  • Identify the different built-in scenarios associated with your Health Bot instance.
  • Recognize built-in scenario use cases.
  • Build a simple web page that allows users to communicate with your Health Bot instance through a Web Chat control
  • Learn what scenario templates are.
  • Recognize use cases for scenario templates.
  • Build a health bot by using a scenario template.