Over the Moon Learn Lessons Overview

Join Dr G as she introduces three new Microsoft Learn modules inspired by the new Netflix Original Over the Moon

Over The Moon is an adventure about a bright young girl named Fei Fei who builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. She is fueled by determination and a passion for science to accomplish the unimaginable. Find out how you can create and think like Fei Fei with these coding lessons from Microsoft Learn.

Preparing for Moon Missions

Like Fei Fei, use data to plan your own mission to the Moon. Ensure your rocket can not only get you there, but also bring you and all your Moon rocks safely back to Earth.

Predict meteor showers

Learn how to use concepts from machine learning to predict the occurrence of meteor showers (or moon goddess tears).

Find Bungee on the Moon

Repurposing the camera on the Lunar Rover, search through the Moon's surface for Fei Fei's buddy Bungee before it's time to head back to Earth.

Check them out at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/OverTheMoon