Using GitHub as your Project Management Tool Recap | Learn with Dr G

This episode is a quick recap of the live stream where Dr G and Meaghan Lewis go through GitHub basics using the GitHub.com and GitHub Desktop applications. In this episode, Dr G goes through the same material, but using Visual Studio Code. Watch the live stream on YouTube now.

When you begin any development project, the tools and systems you use are just as important as the project itself. It is important to find a reliable and functional tool from the beginning of your project. The industry standard for development is to use GitHub. It offers comprehensive development tools such as project planning and tracking, collaborative programming, issue and error tracking, and version control. In addition, there is a wide array of apps and other integrations that an suit your specific needs and make your project development even more successful.

This is part of our Learn with Dr. G mini series, What you didn't Learn in School. Where we explore all the tips and tricks for professional development that they don't always teach you!