Demystifying Carbon Accounting

with Laila Moretti, Gina Kirby

This video covers the process of quantifying how much greenhouse gas is produced by an organization, with a focus on direct and indirect emissions across scope one, two, and three sources. The video also discusses the importance of carbon accounting, including identifying baselines, finding opportunities for improvement, making faster and better decisions, and achieving transparency for consumers and shareholders. Microsoft's Laila Moretti provides an overview of the flow for carbon accounting within Microsoft Sustainability Manager, including loading reference data, ingesting activity data, reviewing calculation models, and reviewing emissions data. The video concludes with a demo of how to set up a calculation within Microsoft Sustainability Manager.


  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:37 - What is carbon accounting?
  • 04:02 - Inventory management plans
  • 06:38 - Carbon accounting benefits
  • 08:21 - Carbon accounting flow
  • 09:32 - Product demo: Setting up a calculation
  • 11:24 - Product demo: Creating a calculation model from scratch
  • 18:14 - Making a model work
  • 22:12 - Testing your model
  • 24:44 - Dependencies that cause recalculation
  • 25:51 - Calculation recommendations

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