Windows Server 2016 Security - What You Need to Know

Learn how Windows Server 2016 addresses the increasingly complex landscape of security with on prem, hybrid and cloud server scenarios that create the need for new security models and features. Windows Server 2016 delivers huge leaps ahead in security through specific features like Shielded VMs, Hyper V Containers, Nano Server, integrated Windows Defender, Log Analytic Insights, Credential Guard, New Administrative modes, Device Guard, Control Flow Guard and much more.

  • [1:34] Why should companies be concerned about Security in today's market?
  • [5:59] How does Windows Server 2016 address some of these security concerns organizations are having?
  • [9:52] What are some of the new specific security features are exclusive to Windows Server 2016?
  • [12:36] Besides Credential Guard, what are Device Guard and Control Flow Guard?
  • [15:30] How do IT Admins take advantage of these new features? Are they easy to set up?
  • [16:45] Can you talk to us about Shielded Virtual Machines and when people should use it?
  • [22:23] What do you say to naysayers who may think these types of protection features aren't worth their time?
  • [28:37] What are the benefits of Nano Server in terms of Security?