Application Insights Integrations and Service Updates

In this episode, Michael Milirud (@micwebnet) returns to give us updates on some new capabilities that are available  Azure Application Insights. He shows us demos covering Azure DevOps, dependency tracing, Azure Functions integration, and much more.

  • [01:13] - How does Azure Application Insights related to Azure Monitoring?
  • [03:13] - What does the support for Serverless applications look like?
  • [05:47] - What's new with the App Service integration?
  • [06:40] - What types of application dependencies get tracked?
  • [08:58] - How can we view the Log analytics data?
  • [13:00] - How can we turn on the default dashboard ?
  • [14:11] - What is KQL ?
  • [15:30] - How does monitoring integrate into Azure Pipelines

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