ASP.NET Core Series: PWA's with Blazor

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) use modern browser APIs and capabilities to behave like a desktop app. Since Blazor WebAssembly is a standards-based client-side web app platform,  developers have the ability to leverage these browser APIs and create PWAs using .NET.

In this episode, Jeremy is joined by Dan Roth to discuss the built in support for building PWAs with Blazor and show us a few demos of how get started.

  • [01:44] - What are Progressive Web Apps?
  • [02:48] - Getting prepared to make your app installable
  • [05:05] - (Demo) Creating a PWA with Blazor
  • [07:38] - Exploring the manifest and service worker
  • [09:30] - Supporting office scenarios
  • [14:00] - Synchronizing offline updates
  • [19:22] - Push notifications with PWAs
  • [24:46] - (Demo) Setting up notifications in code


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