Build .NET MAUI Apps Faster with the Community Toolkit

with James Montemagno

James is joined by Gerald, Pedro and Vlad from the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit team. They will talk about what the CommunityToolkit.Maui is exactly and will show you how to get started with popups and DrawingView which are just two of the many features inside of this amazing toolkit!


  • 00:00 - Hello Vladislav & Pedro
  • 02:30 - What is the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit?
  • 06:00 - Getting started with the toolkit
  • 06:45 - DrawingView, UniformLayout, & More
  • 13:45 - Pop-up controls for .NET MAUI
  • 18:40 - Contributing code from the community
  • 21:00 - Wrap-up