Dave Tillman and Zach Brown - Resilient Microservices with Steeltoe

Dave Tillman and Zach Brown (@moredeploys) join us in this episode to talk about the SteelToe(@SteeltoeOSS) project. They talk about CloudFoundry, and how Steeltoe enables .NET developers to build resilient micro services on top of it.


  • [01:16] -  What benefit does steel toe bring to .NET Developers
  • [03:15] - Zach talks about creating parity with the Spring Cloud
  • [04:23] - Dave talks about the platform support
  • [06:24] - Zach explains how CloudFoundry improves developer velocity
  • [09:48] - Zach talks about the .NET Buildpack for CloudFoundry
  • [11:47] -  Zach tells us how developers can get started
  • [14:34] - Zach and Dave talk about support for containers in CloudFoundry
  • [16:06] - Dave talks about the diagnostic and analysis features being adding
  • [20:40] - Zach and Dave discuss trends with .NET Framework and containers
  • [23:56] - Zach and Dave share information on resources for getting started


To learn more about CloudFoundry and how to get started with building microservices with Steeltoe, check out the links below.