Deep Dive into Many-to-Many: A Tour of EF Core 5.0 pt. 2

On the surface many-to-many in EF6 and EF Core look very similar. However, under the covers the design in EF Core 5.0 is much more flexible and powerful

In this episode, Arthur Vickers returns to chat some more with Jeremy about some of the new  features in Entity Framework Core 5. In particular, they’ll be diving deep into the building blocks of many-to-many. You’ll see how they can be configured to allow flexible mapping and access to the underlying join table.


  • [01:46] - Reviewing the debug views for many-to-many
  • [08:00] - Under the covers of the change tracker
  • [10:38] - Configuring shared-type entities
  • [12:30] - Explicit many-to-many configuration


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