Deploying .NET Web Apps to Azure

We all love building interesting projects, but at some point we'll need to publish them so we can show off to our friends and colleagues. 

In episode, Andrew Hall (@AndrewBrianHall) comes on to show us some of the tooling options available in Visual Studio 2017 for publishing our .NET Web applications to Azure.

  • [01:23] - Exploring publish targets
  • [03:15] - Publishing to Azure App Service
  • [07:36] - Adding an Azure SQL database
  • [10:28] - Adjusting the hosting plan
  • [11:30] - Applying Entity Framework migrations
  • [14:29] - Managing application using the Cloud Explorer
  • [15:18] - Publishing to a Docker container registry
  • [19:48] - Sneak peak at setting up Continuous Delivery


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