Detecting unwanted content using machine-assisted content moderation

For any website or service that accepts content from users, it's important to have that material reviewed to filter out any offensive content. The Content Moderator platform provides us with a set of APIs for monitoring possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content.

In this episode, Sanjeev Jagtap (@SanjeevJagtap) joins us to discus how we can leverage the Content Moderator platform and its collection of APIs to help detect potential unwanted content in our .NET applications.

  • [00:47] - How does CNTK relate to the Content Moderator?
  • [02:36] - What are some use cases for Content Moderator?
  • [05:30] - Overview of the Content Moderator platform?
  • [10:15] - Image moderation demo
  • [12:50] - Text moderation demo
  • [15:22] - Review API overview
  • [17:40] - How to you get started with Content Moderator?

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